Barjaa Al-Usfur

Toreador calligrapher and courtier, committed to her faith


Childe of Salek ibn Iltäbär (7th gen), who was a leading Toreador in Sicily, and, is now, more recently, in Venice.

Emira (prince) of Kronstadt



Her art is calligraphy. She copies the qu’ran, over and over. Exquisite calligraphic masterworks, with an obsessive perfection possible only with the heightened senses of the blood. The noblest art under Islam.

She enjoys fine and beautiful things, particularly expensive books and silks, but does not collect or admire representational art.

Like her sire (though he is far better at it), she values influence and money gained through commerce and trade. She has a network of traders who share her faith, and has taken advantage of the emergence of the powerful Beylerbeylik of Rumeli (Ottoman Empire) to the south to increase her city’s role in trade routes from east to west.

Her city has implemented all of the emerging principles of right rulership, except Destruction.

She follows the path of Heaven for her faith, and is, as a result, far too honest to be a truly effective courtier. She considers it an aspect of her faith to honor her word (to the letter) in contracts, and to obey those who are her elders.

Barjaa Al-Usfur

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