Salek ibn Iltäbär

Barjaa's sire


7th gen Toreador

Childe of Sophoniba (6th gen), the Sultan of Tunis.

Currently residing in Venice

Formerly an influential member of the court in Palermo, Sicily


Salek’s sire Sophoniba was embraced in the heyday of Phoenician culture along the Mediterranean. Her family were among the honored craftspeople who produced the rich dyes that gave the Phoenicians their fame. She is an expert in cloth dyes, and in weaving. She encouraged her childe to pursue the fabric arts, and to master trade.

Salek’s art is embroidered silk, and particularly the embroidery of silk with threads of gold and silver. He is a master economic manipulator, and has built a fortune in trade, and rapidly re-built his silk empire out of Venice, ever since Sicily became too volatile with the collapse of the Lasombra.

He took Barjaa as a ghoul in 1063, and embraced her in 1070. She was a child slave that he bought, from the city of Kaiouran,

He has spared no expense in teaching her arts and letters. She knows many languages, and is a master calligrapher. To date, his goals for her are primarily to build influence and resources.

As outwardly devout as Barjaa – at least during their interactions, he has gradually adopted a more Western style of dress and behavior in his nightly life. Particularly since re-locating to Venice. It is unclear whether his contacts in the court of Venice would even describe him as a Muslim.

He admires Rafael de Corazon.

Salek ibn Iltäbär

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